Kyte Viewer

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Kyte Viewer is the only server-based no application download TIFF image viewer on the market for FileNet customers. No waiting for software downloads. No frustrations with client software installation. No constant maintenance. No costly barriers to productivity. Just the freedom to display your documents and improve productivity.

The Situation

FileNet users who want to view TIFF images on the web have a problem: TIFF images are not natively supported in web browsers. In addition, many companies have noapplication-install policies for security reasons and to comply with licensing contracts. A user wanting to simply view a FileNet image may need to call the system administrator or submit a help desk ticket to install the viewer software. These delays cost productivity.

FileNet currently offers three methods to retrieve documents. The first two methods require an application download to every local machine. The FileNet Java Viewer is a 500 KB Applet download + 8MB JRE download and the IDM Viewer is 20 MB. Both are installation headaches. The �Open� option allows you to save the image locally, but without a viewer application you will have no way to see the image. 

Product Overview

Kyte Viewer solves the client download problem by displaying images in a native web browser format. Simply click on the document you want to see and Kyte Viewer displays the images with all of the basic viewer functionality. With Kyte Viewer, there is no software to install on the local machine. Users view the images seamlessly and without delay.

Kyte Viewer is easy to maintain. Since Kyte Viewer is server-based, version updates are a snap. There is no client software, therefore the update is single-sourced and everyone in your organization is on the same page. You will never again have to worry about image viewer operating system conflicts on your desktop. 

Key Features

� Kyte Viewer is a TIFF image viewer with no software downloads.

� Kyte Viewer runs in harmony with FileNet software.

� Kyte Viewer was designed from the ground up as a web application that supports both .NET and J2EE web servers.

� Kyte Viewer eliminates costly security authorizations.